Monday, February 5, 2018


Each year the beautiful Westward Look Resort in the foothills west of the Catalina Mountains hosts a short (4 days) but fantastic show.  I believe there are 40 dealers at the venue and all bring some of their most spectacular specimens (along with their spectacular prices—at least to an ole mineral bum like me).  But, the exhibits in each room are open and free to the public for viewing (and buying).  Most visitors attend the show since viewing the room showcases are like walking into a fine mineral museum.  And, the dealers are more than happy (if their time permits) to have friendly conversations and answer questions.
The photographs below are certainly not professional and shot through the showcase glass.  But, perhaps the readers can get some sense of these nifty minerals. 

The mineral rooms at the Westward Look.

Azurite from Mexico.

A mixture of smaller specimens.

Sulfur crystals from Italy by Coloradoan Dave Bunk.
Two amazonite and smoky quartz assemblages collected from the Icon Pocket by Joe Dorris of Colorado Springs (Pinnacle 5 Minerals).  However, only the lower specimen was for sale by Joe.  The upper was in an adjacent room.

Tough to get the correct green color on these emerald crystals (a variety of emerald).  ~3.5 inches high.  Rumor has it the price was $200k but the crystals were clear and gorgeous.
Fantastic smaller specimens.
Brucite, a magnesium hydroxide mineral.
The beautiful aquamarine, a variety of beryl.

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