Sunday, September 21, 2014


One of the "really big" rock and mineral shows just completed its run in Denver, Colorado, September 12-14 at the Mart Expo Hall.  The theme this year was Agates and as one might expect, the exhibitor cases had specimens from around the world.  For a list of events etc. please see the official website at:  Like the Tucson events, there are ancillary shows scattered around the city such as Martin Zinn Expositions at the Ramada Plaza Denver Central, the initial offering of the Denver Fine Mineral Show (Denver Marriott West), Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show, and others (for example, the fossil show had moved from the Expo Hall to ? well somewhere in the city.  A bead show now occupied space formally used by the fossil group.   A loss in my opinion.).

My schedule only allowed a single day for a visit so I attended the "main show" at the Expo Mart.  The exhibitors had cases of fantastic specimens and the 140+ dealers were well stocked.  The following photos represent some of my favorite cases.  As usual, the reflections of the case glass diminished my already rudimentary photograph skills!

Not all banded quartz is an agate.

The always popular Dryhead Agates.

I liked this arsenate specimen, legrandite from the Ojuela Mine, Durango, Mexico.

Benitoite (top) and neptunite (lower) from the Dallas Gem Mine, San Benito County, California.

The popular amazonite collected by Joe Dorris and Associates from their claims near Lake George, Colorado. The Dorris family are stars in the Prospectors  TV show.

Thundereggs from Oregon.


I suppose the eye agates shown above were the most amazing specimens of the Show.
I think this agate is in the Smithsonian. My notes fail me.

Gems from Afghanistan: Beryl var. morganite and spodumene var. kunzite.

My favorite agate---Fairburns from South Dakota.

Zoisite var. tanzanite from Tanzania offered for sale by The Collectors Edge ($65,000).

Rhodochrosite with fluorite from the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado (The Collectors Edge).

Orange-red prismatic crystals of crocoite (Tasmania).

Love this orpiment (arsenic sulfide) and gold ore from Humbolt County, Nevada.

Beryl var. aquamarine from Pakistan.
Something for everyone!

The Expo Hall main exhibit space.  The amazonite display shown above gets prime space on the end cap,

A really nice cut.

Not all agates are banded.  These are dendritic agates.

And finally, the always popular gold panning area.